What are the benefits of Rebuild?

  1.   The ability to build your dream home suited to your lifestyle without having to change your address
  2.   Accommodate your growing family without leaving your beloved community, family, friends and    amenities behind
  3.   Avoid family disruption such as changing jobs or taking children out of schools
  4.   Avoid the need to compromise, like those that may arise in a renovation or extension, such as budget    blow outs or construction nightmares!
  5.   Create additional value to the property by replacing your existing home with a new home or unit    development
  6.   Eliminate the hassle of selling and the costs that come with real estate agent, legal fees and     government stamp duty.

Why Knockdown & Rebuild with Zuccala Homes?

  1. Zuccala Homes was established in 1957 and are a family owned business who have been building quality homes for over 60 years
  2. Making the decision to demolish your existing home and rebuild a new home can be an overwhelming experience and we understand that, which is why we will guide you through each step, keeping you constantly informed and educated on every step of the process
  3. We understand that we build for real people. Every member of our team is encouraged to be flexible and show absolute honesty and integrity, respect customer’s beliefs, needs and desires. It starts with listening and ends with keeping our promises!
  4. Ultimately, value means a builder with the flexibility and enthusiasm to work with you to create your dream home – not a cheap compromise!

The Zuccala Knockdown Rebuild Process

  1. Block Assessment
  2. Deposit
  3. Concept Design Meeting
  4. Tender
  5. Colour Consultation
  6. Town Planning Application Submission (If required)
  7. Contract Signing
  8. Finance Approval
  9. Demolition
  10. Site Start
  11. Completion – Handover