At Zuccala Homes we are delighted to customise and quote your plan. Often we can assist you with modifications to improve your ideas and lower your overall building costs without detracting from your home’s appeal.

Typically, if you would like us to quote your plans we require the following information –

  • Copy of title and/or land contract
  • Copy of town planning permit if appropriate
  • Detailed plans with measurements
  • Engineering if you have it
  • Soil test and/or Feature survey
  • List of specific inclusions or personalised items or features of the home
  • Budget indication

By providing the above information we are able to provide you with a fixed price quotation and minimise any provisional and/or prime cost items. If you don’t have soil tests and survey or engineering it’s no problem. We would prefer to take your initial design and assist you through the process using our own in-house team. We often find there are problems with using other drafting plans as they do not consider all the aspects we look for based on our quality processes and building systems. We would prefer to use our supply partners for soil test and feature survey as they understand our requirements over fifty years.

Zuccala Homes exists to service your building needs.